Become the ultimate mole with the 'Who is the Mole' boardgame?

On January 1st 2022 a new season of the inmenso populair teleivison program 'Wie is de Mol?' has started! Again a group of famous Dutch artists will be hunting for the mole. And you can join them! Take the challenge and break the codes on the exciting boardgame 'Wie is de Mol - De code-opdracht' (Who is the Mol - The code assignment). But who can you trust during your mission and who is the mole? Endless fun and games and now also with advanced Augmente Reality technology!

You and your team were send on a mission to break 3 important codes. All teammates are in possesion of different puzzles and keys. By working together it is possible to solve the mystery around the codes, but what if one person deliberatly tries to sabotage everything? Who can you trust during your mission and who is.. the mole?

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