Erik Engelen appointed as new Manager Acquisitions at Just Entertainment

As of January 1st 2021 Erik Engelen is the new Manager Acquisition at Just Entertainment. He will be responsible for buying new projects locally aswell as internationally in close cooperation with the Managing Director.

Erik Engelen previously had the same job at Paradiso Films, A-Film and Splendid Film. In that capacity he was responsible for the purchase and release of a few groundbreaking movies such as THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, FAHRENHEIT 911 and AMELIE POULAIN at Paradiso Films, SILVER LININGPLAYBOOK, DEAR JOHN and ZERODARK THIRTY at A-Film and amongst others HEREDITARY, MOONLIGHT and HACKSAWRIDGE at Splendid Film. He was also the driving force behind the successful MISFIT trilogy which he further developed on behave of Splendid Film with co-producer NewBe.

 ‘’I am very happy with this opportunity’’, thus Erik Engelen. ‘’After a very pleasant period with Splendid Film I look forward to start an amazing adventure at Just Entertainment. Building something with a new team is something I’ve done my entire carriere and also looking forward to. Just Entertainment has the perfect foundation to further develop into a successful distributor in many ways. We find ourselves on a tipping point with the film industry  and that creates a lot of opportunities for us to fill. And now it is up to us to make the right decissions.''

Andrew Ernster, Managinng Director:

 ‘’With Erik joining our team we make the next step take another step to expand enfulfill our ambitions. Just Entertainment will be a ‘theatrical driven’ distributor who will release local movies aswell as more international mainstream films. Erik and myself have worked together for many years in a very pleasant way and therefore I’m looking forward to oud renewed collaboration''

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