Ultimate revenge in action movie ‘Sisu’

During the final days of World War II, the isolated gold seeker and former commando Aatami comes across a massive gold discovery in northern Finland. When the remaining Nazis, led by a ruthless SS officer, steal his loot as he attempts to transport it to a nearby city, Aatami unleashes boundless powers in his battle to retrieve his find. Nothing is too much for him.

This film is directed by Jalmari Helander and produced by the studios behind 'John Wick'. Sisu is a Finnish concept that embodies an iron will to complete a certain, often prolonged, task.


Jorma Tommila - ‘Aatami Korpi’
Aksel Hennie - ‘Bruno Helldorf’
Jack Doolan - ‘Wolf’
Mimosa Willamo - ‘Aino’
Onni Tommila - ‘Schütze’

Jalmari Helander – director

Release date: 3 augustus 2023
Classification: 16 jaar, grof taalgebruik, geweld
Running time: 90 minuten