100,000 visitors for 'The Great Sinterklaas Movie and the Battle for Pakjesavond'

'The Great Sinterklaas Movie and the Battle for Pakjesavond' has welcomed its 100,000th visitor. With this, the musical family film by producer Messercola and distributor Just Entertainment officially achieves Golden Film status for the fourth time in a row. The Golden Film Award is an initiative of the Netherlands Film Festival and is supported by the Netherlands Film Fund and the Abraham Tuschinski Fund.

It is now the fourth 'De Grote Sinterklaasfilm' in the series of five to receive Golden Film status. Never before has the Sinterklaas film done so well. "Sinterklaas has told me he is very pleased with the high attendance of the film," says Lucio Messercola, director of the film. "I myself am of course also very proud, because with this we are achieving our goal of making as many families as possible happy with a beautiful and recognisable Sinterklaas story."

Golden Film ceremony

To celebrate this milestone, Robert ten Brink, adviser to Sinterklaas, paid a surprise visit to Martien Meiland in Code Rosé who plays lord of the manor Jean Claude in the film. "Surely this is amazing! 100,000 visitors and that so soon already. We can be very proud of that," Martien said.

To celebrate the 100,000th visitor, several cast members were awarded a Golden Film. For instance, René and his son Maxim Froger were surprised by producer Lucio Messercola and Party Piet Pablo, and Martin van Waardenberg and Caroline van der Plas were also awarded a Golden Film. The film, which attracted more than 200,000 visitors last year, is this year turning out with an extra large star cast to celebrate its fifth anniversary. This includes Roy Donders, Caroline van der Plas, Hans Klok, Martin van Waardenberg, Janny van der Heijden, Fenna Ramos, Eva Jinek, Royce de Vries, Amana de Vries-Balvert and Stefania in this year's film.

About The Great Sinterklaas Movie and the Battle for Pakjesavond

Sinterklaas wants to celebrate his birthday generously this year. For instance, he wants every child to get an extra present. At the same time, the Piets want to surprise Sinterklaas with a big birthday party culminating in a special performance by his favourite artist. Robbie Reuzel sees his birthday fall through every year because of the St Nicholas party. As a result, he devises a cunning plan to eliminate St Nicholas. Will Robbie Reuzel succeed in thwarting the St Nicholas party or will the Piets smell mischief and be able to save the party?