Asterix and Obelix return to the big screen

After eleven years Asterix and Obelix will finally return to the big screen in the live-action film ‘Asterix & Obelix: The Middle Kingdom’. The amazingly strong Gallic duo heads to China for the first time together with Princess Fu Yi, the daughter of the Chinese empress. She seeks their help after her mother was captured during a coup. In the Dutch version, which will be in cinemas from 15 February, Buddy Vedder will be the voice of Asterix and Frank Lammers that of Obelix. Fedja van Huêt, Jan Kooijman and Vajèn van den Bosch can also be heard in the film.


It’s the year 50 BC. The empress of China has been imprisoned after a coup by the treacherous prince Deng Tsin Qin.

Helped by a Phoenician merchant and her loyal bodyguard the empress’s only daughter, Princess Fu Yi, flees to Gaul. There she seeks the brave warriors Asterix and Obelix who possess superhuman powers thanks to their magic potion. The two inseparable heroes are more than happy to help the princess to save her mother and free her country. And so, their big adventure to China begins.

But Julius Caesar and his army are also on their way to the Middle Kingdom, hungry for a new victory...

Dutch voice cast

Buddy Vedder – Asterix

Frank Lammers – Obelix

Fedja van Huêt – Greintjemis  

Jan Kooijman – Paraplus

Vajèn van den Bosch – Cleopatra  

Release date: 15 February 2023

Classification: 6+, violence, fear

Running time: 111 minutes