Brand new game Pilgrimage

Hikers pay attention! Quickly put on your hiking shoes en run to the store for the most exquisite boardgame of this year! Just Entertainment brings you Pilgrimage the boardgame which brings on the most beautiful European pilgrimages to your kitchen table. A pilgrimage is officially completed when you did 100 kilometers by foot or 200 kilometers by horse or bike to a plae of pilgrimage. One of the most well known pilgrimages is the one to Santiago da Compostella, which is yearly visited by over 250.000 pilgrims.

Create your own route and be the first to visit the most beautiful places. Choose the right means of transport and outsmart your fellow players. Go on foot, by plane or with the boat. Collect as many holy objects as possible to earn some extra points. Choose the fastest route, be faster than your fellow travelers and win this pilgrimage game!