Just Entertainment adds six amazing international titles to line-up

Just Entertainment added six impressive and international movies to their line-up for the international Filmfestival in Berlin. With amongst other things a action movie with Aaron Eckhart and Nina Dobrey, a hilarious comedy from director Adele Lim which conquer the audience from The Hangover and also the comeback for horrorlegend Dario Argento, there is something for everyone. The movies will befeatured in the cinemas in the course of 2022 and 2023.

In THE BRICKLAYER main character Aaron Eckhart plays the role of an ex CIA-agent who gets involved in a conspiracy conflict against his old employer. What follows is a cat and mouse game between former colleagues and enemies. Besides Eckhart there are also parts for Nina Dobrev (VAMPIRE DIARIES), Tim Blake Nelson (WATCHMEN) en Clifton Collins jr. (WESTWORLD) in this exciting actionthriller.
The recordings for this new production from Millenium Films (OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN//THE HITMAN’S BODYGUARD) will start this spring in Greeche.

A hilarious comedy movie with Ashley Park (EMILY IN PARIS) about four friends who are looking for their biological parents in Asia. Adele Lim, the writer from blockbuster CRAZY RICH ASIANS, makes her director debute with this movie. A comedy where everything is possible, allowed and will make THE HANGOVER diminish. The movie will be produced in 2023 by the American studio Lionsgate (HUNGER GAMES//KNIVES OUT) and will apear in the American and Dutch cinemas later that samen year.

Ten years after his latest film (DRACULA 3D) horror legend Dario Argento (SUSPERIA) is back with this new movie, DARK GLASSES. The movie had its world premiere during the international filmfestival of Berlin and received, the same as with this other movies, very divergent reactions from the audience and press. DARK GLASSES tells the story of a prostitute whose become blind after a failed attack from a serial killer. She takes a Chinese boy under her care whose life was abruptly disturbed by that same serial killer. He will be her alley in her battle to end this terrifying maniac once and for all. DARK GLASSES will be shown in Dutch cinmas later this year.

BREAKING POINT is the long awaited new movie from the makers of the legendary STREET DANCE films. In this new spectacular dancefilm we see the adventures of two young sistersand their battle to reach the top of the breackdance scene. The competition is killing and the way to the top is not one without some resistance when they not only battle the best dancers in the world, but also each other. The Dutch dancer Niek Traa (member of the world famous dance crew The Ruggeds) is the choreographer for this movie.

In the thriller MID CENTURY we see a young couple, Shane Wes (GOTHAM) and upcoming talent Sarah Hay (FLESH AND BONE) who think they found the perfect house to settle down. Until they find out that the previous owner had some curiosities and strang habits. MID CENTURY, the debute film for director Sonja O'Hara, is a tensive thriller which belongs in in the samen collections as thrillers from Brian de Palma and colleagues.

Kyle Newman’s (FANBOYS) new movie 1UP is an amazing mix between PITCH PERFECT and READY PLAYER ONE. In 1UP we follow the adventures of a female gamer who is excluded from a e-sports competition by all the boys from her school. Because of that she seeks advice from a infamous gamer and starts her own e-sports team with women only. In the end they end up directly opposite of eacht other. The lead roles are for Ruby Rose (ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK) and transgendereditor and model Hari Nef (TRANSPARENT). 1UP will be in the Dutch cinemas this year.