Peaky Blinders - Under New Management

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Travel back to the roaring twenties to the city Birmingham after the first World War. Play your own role in an exciting gangster war between different factions. Increase your personal stats in charisma, strength and intellect to overcome your enemies and accomplish your missions. But you can’t do this alone. Create a network of friends and foes, invest in rum, car parts, weapons or horse racing and confront your biggest competitor to become the most fearsome gangster in Birmingham!

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  1. Is it possible that two people bet on the same horse or do you have to bet on your own horse?
    At the Epson Derby you can only bet on your own horse.
  2. The rule says you have to take the top card when buying something at Covent Garden Market. However do you have to pay five when buying a five barrel or weapon?
    You can never trade 5 value cards at the Covent Garden Market.
  3. Some conflict cards say to ‘increase suspicion level’  and another says to ‘chose an opponent to increase their suspicion level’. When you have the first card, do you have to chose an opponent or does it happen to all the players?
    When increasing suspicion you have to choose 1 player.
  4. Do you have to completing the first two mission before finishing the third mission?
    All three missions have to be completed, however the order doesn’t matter.
  5. How do you complete the mission ‘control an area’?
    By having four ‘control markers’ in the zone, you can complete it. There are four zones and every player always has one control mission.
  6. Do you have to  shuffle the one and five membercards for a random drawing or do you automatically get a one member card?
    You always get a one member card or fiche. The five member card is used when there is a shortage of one member cards. This means the cards don’t have a further purpose in the game.
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