A je to! The nicest neighbors in the world are back in their very last movie Pat & Mat - Baking and Grilling

On January 10, the very last cinema adventure of everyone's favorite neighbors will appear in Dutch cinemas. In Pat & Mat - Baking and Grilling, the clumsy neighbors are once again ready to tackle new problems, which are mainly caused by themselves. The film, with the voices of Kees Prins and Siem van Leeuwen bringing the characters to life, can be seen in Dutch cinemas from 20 January 2021. Especially for the toddlers, there will be a pre-premiere on 10 January 2021 during the children cinema and minimornings.

The hilarious duo has been a firm favorite with children and adults for years. After nearly 45 years, they not only shine on TV and in cinemas, but also have their own line of (educational) games and books.

The very last cinema movie promises another hilarious adventure. The two charming, but very clumsy neighbors, as always, start chores full of enthusiasm, but unfortunately the weather is not going smoothly. Even now they know how to find a solution together, especially by being smart and working well together. Do you fall off your chair laughing?

Release date: January 20, 2021 l Pre-premiere on January 10, 2021

Age: All ages

Playing time: +/- 60 minutes