Exciting animated film 'Scarygirl' to be seen in cinemas this autumn

Film distributor Just Entertainment will bring the animated film 'Scarygirl' to the Netherlands this autumn. Scarygirl is an Australian film based on the graphic novel of the same name by writer and artist Nathan Jurevicius. Created from Jurevicius' love for his own daughter 'Arkie', Scarygirl aims to show through this film what it can mean to be part of a family, in any form. The film is produced by Kung Fu Panda director, John Stevenson, among others. Just Entertainment is releasing a Dutch version of the film.


'Scarygirl' is about brave girl Arkie and her father Blister who live together on a remote peninsula. Blister is a rare giant octopus with the magical ability to restore life. As their world is threatened by an inexplicable loss of sunlight, Arkie and her father do their best to keep the plants and flowers alive. When her father is also kidnapped by bounty hunters to the 'City of Light', Arkie faces the challenge of overcoming her fears and leaving her familiar surroundings for the first time.

Blister is held captive by the mysterious Doctor Maybee, who wants to abuse Blister's powers to create his own perfect world. With the support of Bunniguru and Egg, two special friends, Arkie goes all out to save her father and takes on the dark forces ruling the city. Will Arkie succeed in freeing her father and saving her world?

Release date: 11 October 2023

Viewing guide: 6 years, fear

Running time: 90 minutes