First Kidsweek Taalhelden boardgame presented to TikTok-star Meester Jesper

Everyone was excited at primary school De Wegwijzer in Winssen! None other than TikTok-star Meester Jesper was presented the very first copy of the new boardgame 'Kidsweek Taalhelden van het spelwoud'. The handover was done by Scoop, the happy mascot of Kidsweek.

Meester Jesper is a true hero with his almost 350.000 followers and more dan10 milion likes on TikTok. With his videos he teaches children the most difficultcalculations and from now on with some help from Kidsweek Taalhelden alsoreading. The editor-in-chief of Kidweek Henrike van Gelder was also at theschool for the handover: ‘’Just as the game does, Meester Jesper combinespleasure with education and that’s why he is the right person the receive thefirst copy of the game.’’

‘Kidsweek Taalhelden van het spelwoud’ is an adventurous boardgame forprimary school children to learn comprehension reading in a fun way. The gameconsists of dangerous creatures who feed themselves with language and only the ‘taalhelden’or language heroes can beat them. Choose your favorite language hero, create yourown game forest and work together to beat the monsters with your language knowledge

The educational game can be played at different levels and therefore is suitableto play with children from age 7 till 12. You can play the game at school or athome and it contains a book with 60 texts to train your brain.

Kidsweek Taalhelden van het Spelwoud can now be bought everywhere!